1946. A United Artists release.
A David L. Loew production. Director: Archie L. Mayo. Original screenplay: Joseph Fields and Roland Kibbec. Additional material: Frank Tashlin. Photography: James van Trees. Production designer: Duncan Cramer. Set decoration: Edward Boyle. Editing: Gregg G. Tallas. Music: Werner Janssen. (Song "Who's Sorry Now", music and lyrics: Ted Snyder, Bert Kalmar and Harry Ruby).
Length: 7,655 feet. 85 minutes.

CAST: GROUCHO (Ronald Kornblow); HARPO (Rusty); CHICO (Corbaccio); Sig Ruman (Count Pfefferman alias Heinrich Stubel); Lisette Verea (Beatrice Rheiner); Charles Drake (Lt. Pierre Delmar); Lois Collier (Annette); Dan Seymour (Captain Brizzard); Lewis Russell (Galoux); Harro Mellor (Emile); David Hoffman (Spy); Hall Harvey (Smythe); Mary Dees (Bit Part); Ruth Roman (Bit part); Paul Harvey (Mr Smythe); Philip Van Zandt (Headwaiter); Harry Semels (Hotel Chef); Frederick Giermann (Kurt).

Released in the United States May 10, 1946
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