1947. A United Artists picture.
Director: Alfred E. Green. Writing credits: Allen Boretz, Howard Harris, László Vadnay (story). Producer: Sam Coslow. Cinematography: Bert Glennon. Music: Sam Coslow. Song "Tico Tico", Music & lyrics: Zequinha De Abreu, Ervin Drake & Loysio Oliveira.
Length: 92 min.

CAST: GROUCHO (Lionel Q. Deveraux); Carmen Miranda (Carmen Novarro); Steve Cochran (Steve Hunt); Andy Russell (Himself); Gloria Jean (Anne); Ralph Sanford (Liggett); Louis Sobol (Himself); Earl Wilson (Himself); Igor Dega (Specialty); Kay Marvis (Cigarette girl); Merle McHugh (Copa girl); Dee Turnell (Copa girl); Maxine Fife (Announcer, thing to sell); Chili Williams (Sobel's showgirl); Abigail Adams (Copa girl); Mari Blanchard (Copa girl); De Castro Sisters (themselves).

Released in the United States May 30, 1947.
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