1957. A Warner Brothers picture.
Director: Irwin Allen. Writing credits: Irwin Allen & Charles Bennett. Cinematography: Nicholas Musuraca. Art director: Art Loel. Editing: Roland Gross & Gene Palmer. Producer: Irwin Allen. Music: Paul Satwell.
Length: 100 min.

CAST: GROUCHO (Peter Minuit); CHICO (Monk); HARPO (Sir Isaac Newton); Peter Lorre (Nero);
Jim Ameche (Alexander Graham Bell); Francis X. Bushman (Moses); John Carradine (Khufu); Charles Coburn (Hippocrates); Ronald Colman (The Spirit of Man); Melville Cooper (Major Domo); Anthony Dexter (Christopher Columbus); Reginald Gardiner (William Shakespeare); Cedric Hardwicke (High Judge); Dennis Hopper (Napoleon Bonaparte); Edward Everett Horton (Sir Walter Raleigh); Hedy Lamarr (Joan of Arc); Melinda Marx (Early Christian Child); Virginia Mayo (Cleopatra); Agnes Moorehead (Queen Elizabeth); Cathy O'Donnell (Early Christian Woman); Vincent Price (The Devil); Cesar Romero (Spanish Envoy); Marie Wilson (Marie Antoinette); Marie Windsor (Josephine); Harry Ruby (Indian Brave); Bobby Watson (Hitler); Eden Hartford (Indian Girl).
Released in the United States November 8, 1957.

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