1931. A Paramount picture.
Director: Norman McLeod. No specific screenplay credit. It seems to have been written by all three writers. Story: S. J. Perelman and Will B. Johnstone. Additional dialogue: Arthur Sheekman. Photography: Arthur L. Todd.
Length: 77 minutes.

CAST: GROUCHO, HARPO, CHICO, ZEPPO (The Stowaways); Thelma Todd (Lucille); Rockcliffe Fellowes (Joe Helton), Tom Kennedy (Gibson);
Ruth Hall (Mary Helton); Harry Woods (Alky Briggs); Ben Taggart (The Captain); Cecil Cunningham (Madame Swempski); Charlotte Mineau (Emma); Bess Flowers (Wife to indian dressed man); Otto Fries (Ship's 2nd Officer); Evelyn Pierce (Manicurist); Maurice Chevalier (Singer); Bobby Barber (Hoarse barber customer); Billy Barty (Brat); Billy Bletcher (Man in deck chair); Eddie Baker (Ship's officer).

This and subsequent films were shot in Hollywood. Released in the United States September 19, 1931.
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