1932. A Paramount picture.
Director: Norman McLeod. Screenplay: Bert Kalmar, Harry Ruby, S. J. Perelman and Will B. Johnstone. Photography: Ray June. Music and lyrics ("I'm Against It" and "Everyone Says I Love You"): Bert Kalmar and Harry Ruby.
Length: 68 minutes.

CAST: GROUCHO (Professor Quincey Adams Wagstaff); HARPO (Pinky); CHICO (Barovelli); ZEPPO (Frank Wagstaff); Thelma Todd (Connie Bailey); David Landau (Jennings); Robert Greig (The Biology Professor); James Pierce (Mullen); Nat Pendleton (MacHardie); Florine McKinney (Peggy Carrington); E. H. Calvert (Professor in Wagstaff's study); Reginald Barlow (Retiring President of Huxley College); Bobby Barber (Speakeasy patron); Vince Barnett (Speakeasy patron); Sheila Bromley (Wagstaff's receptionist); Edgar Dearing (Speakeasy bartender); Theresa Harris (Laura, Connie's maid); Edward LeSaint (Professor in Wagstaff's study); Syd Saylor (Speakeasy patron at slot machine); Ben Taggart (Police officer).

Released in the United States August 19, 1932.
The print released to television by MCA-TV is incomplete
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