1935. A Metro Goldwyn Mayer picture. Production: Irving G. Thalberg. Director: Sam Wood. Screenplay: George S. Kaufman and Morrie Ryskind. Additional material: Al Boasberg. Story: James Kevin McGuinness. Photography: Merritt B. Gerstad. Art direction: Cedric Gibbons, Ben Carré and Edwin B. Willis. Editing: William LeVanway. Musical score: Herbert Stothart.
Length: 8,438 feet. 93 minutes.

CAST: GROUCHO (0tis B. Driftwood); HARPO (Tomasso); CHICO (Fiorello); Margaret Dumont (Mrs. Claypool); Siegfried Ruman (Herman Gottlieb); Kitty Carlisle (Rosa); Allan Jones (Ricardo Baroni); Walter King (Rodolpho Lassparri); Robert Emmett O'Connor (Henderson); Lorraine Bridges (Louisa); Edward Keane (The Captain); Stanley Blystone (Ship's Officer); Gino Corrado (First Porter); Bess Flowers (Ship Passenger); King Baggot (Dignitary); Marion Bell (Bit Part); Al Bridge (Immigration Inspector); Otto Fries (Elevator Operator); Edna Bennett (Maid): Bud Geary (Stagehand); William Gould (Police Captain); Jonathan Hale (Stage Manager in Opera Box); Gwen Lee (Driftwood's Dining Companion).

Released in the United States November 15, 1935.
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