1940. A Metro Goldwyn Mayer picture.
Producer: Jack Cummings. Director: Edward Buzzell. Original screenplay: Irving Brecher. Photography: Leonard Smith. Art direction: Cedric Gibbons and Stan Rogers. Set decoration: Edwin B. Willis. Music direction: Georgie Stoll. Editing: Blanche Sewell. Song "Ridin' the Range", music: Roger Edens and lyrics: Gus Kahn. Harpo's solo "From the Land of the Sky Blue Water" by Charles Wakefield Cadman.
Length: 7,227 feet. 80 minutes.

CAST: GROUCHO (S. Quentin Quale); HARPO (Rusty Panello); CHICO (Joseph Panello); John Carroll (Terry Turner); Diana Lewis (Eve Wilson); Robert Barrat (Red Baxter); Walter Woolf King (Mr. Beecher); June MacCloy (Lulubelle); George Lessey (Railroad President); Mitchell Lewis (Halfbreed Indian Pete); Tully Marshall (Dan Wilson); Harry Tyler (Telegraph Clerk); Iris Adrian (Mary Lou); Joan Woodbury (Melody); Barbara Bedford (Baby's Mother on Stagecoach); Frederick Burton (Johnson); Clem Bevans (Railroad Official); Arthur Housman (Drunk in Saloon); Joe Yule (Joe, Bartender); Edgar Dearing (Bill, Train Engineer); Mary Gordon (Train Passenger); Harry Wilson (Train Passenger); Edward Gargan (Railroad Ticket Seller); Edward Hearn (Man at Saloon Door); Lew Harvey (Card Player); James Dime (Barfly); Al Bain (Barfly); Cap Somers (Bartender); Jack Montgomery (Man at Dedication).

Released in the United States Dec. 6, 1940.
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