1941. A Metro Goldwyn Mayer picture.
Producer: Louis K. Sidney. Director: Charles Reisner. Screenplay: Sid Kuller, Hal Fimberg and Ray Golden. Story: Nat Perrin. Photography: Charles Lawton. Art direction: Cedric Gibbons and Stan Rogers. Set decoration: Edwin B. Willis. Editing: Conrad A. Nervig. Music direction: Georgie Stoll. Song "Sing While You Sell", Music: Hal Borne and lyrics: Sid Kuller and Hal Fimberg. Length: 7,492 feet. 83 minutes.

CAST: GROUCHO (Wolf J. Flywheel); HARPO (Wacky); CHICO Ravelli); Margaret Dumont (Martha Phelps); Douglass Dumbrille (Mr. Grover); Tony Martin (Tommy Rogers); Virginia Grey (Joan Sutton); William Tannen (Fred Sutton); Marion Martin (Peggy Arden); Virginia O'Brien (Kitty); Henry Armetta (Guiseppi); Paul Stanton (George Hastings); Russell Hicks (Arthur Hastings); Anna Dernetrio (Maria); Bradley Page (Duke); King Baggot (Store Employee); Edgar Dearing (Department Store Doorman); Mitchell Lewis (Indian Father); Enid Bennett (Clerk); Dewey Robinson (Detective); Clara Blandick (Customer Seeking Record); Charles Lane (Finance Company Man); William Bailey (Man Leaving Store); John Berkes (Watchman); Lennie Bluett (Singer); Lew Harvey (Detective); Ethan Laidlaw (Piano Mover); Victor Potel (Father of Swedish Children); Pierre Watkin (Bedding Department Manager); Fred Rapport (Store Employee); Adrian Morris (Piano Mover); William Newell (Press Photographer); Buddy Messinger (Elevator Operator); Edward McWade (Mr Andrews); George Lloyd (Boston Beanie); Al Hill (The Snapper); Harry Depp (Timid Man); Hal Le Sueur (Chauffeur); Milton Kibbee (Press Photographer); Harry C Bradley (Henry); Kay Deslys (Swedish Mother); Charles Holland (Minor Role); Richard Haydel (Butch); Eddy Chandler (Policeman); Ricardo Lord Cezon (Boy); Lee Kohlmar (Mr David); Jan Duggan (Henry's Wife).

Released in the United States June 20, 1941.
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