1949. A United Artists picture (Great Britain: Monarch). Production: Lester Cowan. Presented by: Mary Pickford. Director: David Miller. Screenplay: Frank Tashlin and Mac Benoff. Story: Harpo Marx. Photography: William C. Mellor. Production designer: Gabriel Scognamillo. Editing: Basil Wrangell and Al Joseph. Music: Ann Ronell. Music director: Paul Smith.
Length 7,694 feet. 85 minutes.

HARPO (Harpo); CHICO (Faustino the
Great); GROUCHO (Sam Grunion); Vera Ellen (Maggie Phillips); Ilona Massey (Madame Egilichi); Marion Hutton (Bunny Dolan); Raymond Burr (Alphonse Zoto); Melville Cooper (Throckmorton); Paul Valentine (Mike Johnson); Leon Belasco (Mr. Lyons); Eric Blore (Mackinaw); Bruce Gordon (Hannibal Zoto); Marilyn Monroe (Grunion's Client); Lois Hall (Young Woman); House Peters Jr (Clergyman in Sadie Thompson Number); Eddie Borden (Man at Stage Door); Edward Gargan (Cop Who Captures Harpo); Colin Keith-Johnston (Actor); Otto Waldis (Ivan, Assassin in Grunion's Office); Constance Purdy (Woman with Chihuahua Dog); Alvin Hammer (Call Boy); Sayre Dearing (Street Passerby); Nick Cravat (Stunt Double for Harpo Marx); Clarence Nash (Vocal Effects).

Released in the United States March 3, 1950. Released in Britain around September, 1951.
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