1933. A Paramount picture.
Director: Leo McCarey. Screenplay: Bert Kalmar and Harry Ruby. Additional dialogue: Arthur Sheekman and Nat Perrin. Photography: Henry Sharp. Art direction: Hans Dreier and Wiard lhnen. Editing: LeRoy Stone. Music and lyrics (including "His Excellency Is Due" and "The Country's Going to War): Bert Kalmar and Harry Ruby. Music direction: Arthur Johnston.
Length: 70 minutes.

CAST: GROUCHO (Rufus T. Firefly); HARPO (Pinkie); CHICO (Chicolini); ZEPPO (Bob Rolland); Margaret Dumont (Mrs. Teasdale); Louis Calhern (Ambassador Trentino); Raquel Torres (Vera Marcal); Edgar Kennedy (The Lemonade Seller); Edmund Breese (Zander); Edwin Maxwell (Secretary of War); Leonid Kinsky (Agitator); Verna Hillie (Secretary); Charles B. Middleton (Prosecutor); George MacQuarrie (First Judge); Frederick Sullivan (Second Judge); Eric Mayne (3rd Judge); William Worthington (First Minister of Finance); Davison Clark (Second Minister of Finance); Edward Arnold (Politician); Louise Closser Hale (Reception Guest); Carrie Daumery (Reception Guest); Dennis O'Keefe (Bridegroom); Sidney Bracey (Mrs. Teasdale's Butler); EH Calvert (Officer in Battle Sequence); Joseph Crehan (Dignitary at Reception); Edward LeSaint (Secretary of Labor); Dale Van Sickel (A Palace Guard); Wade Boteler (Officer at Battle Headquarters); Davison Clark (Minister of Finance #2 ); Maude Turner Gordon (Reception Guest); Charles West (Minister).

Released in the United States November 17, 1933.
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