1938. An R.K.O. Radio picture.
Pandro S. Berman in charge of production. Assistant to the producer: Philip Loeb. Director: William A. Seiter. Screenplay: Morrie Ryskind.
Based on the stage play by: John Murray and Allen Boretz. Photography: J. Roy Hunt. Art direction: Van Nest Polglase and Al Herman. Set decoration: Darrell Silvera. Editing: George Crone. Music director: Roy Webb.
Length: 78 minutes.

GROUCHO (Gordon Miller); HARPO (Faker Englund); CHICO (Harry Binelli); Lucille Ball (Christine); Ann Miller (Hilda Manney); Frank Albertson (Leo Davis); Donald MacBride (Wagner); Cliff Dunstan (Gribble); Philip Loeb (Timothy Hogarth); Alexander Asro (Sasha); Charles Halton (Dr. Glass); Philip Wood (Simon Jenkins); Stanley Blystone (Policeman in Alley); Max Wagner (Detective); Constantine Romanoff (Extra); William Ruhl (Detective); Frank McLure (Man in Audience at Play); William H O'Brien (Hotel Bartender); Paul Everton (Formally-Dressed Man in Play);Tom Quinn (Minor Role).

Released in the United States September 30, 1938
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