1939. A Metro Goldwyn Mayer picture.
Producer: Mervyn LeRoy. Director: Edward Buzzell. Screenplay: Irving Brecher. Photography: Leonard M. Smith. Art direction: Cedric Gibbons and Stan Rogers. Set decoration: Edwin B. Willis. Editing: William H. Terhune. Music direction: Franz Waxman. Song "Lydia, the Tattooed Lady", Music: Harold Arlen and lyrics: Edgar Y. Harburg.
Length: 7,812 feet. 87 minutes.

GROUCHO (Cheever Loophole); HARPO (Punchy); CHICO (Antonio Pirelli): Margaret Dumont (Mrs. Dukesbury); Florence Rice (Julie Randall); Kenny Baker (Jeff Wilson); Eve Arden (Peerless Pauline); Nat Pendleton (Goliath); Fritz Feld (Jardinet); James Burke (John Carter); Jerry Marenghi (Little Professor Atom); Barnett Parker (Whitcomb); Byron Foulger (Courtroom Clerk); Irving Bacon (Telegraph Clerk); Granville Bates (Judge); Willie Best (Redcap); Irene Coleman (Courtroom witness); Frank Darien (Telegrapher); Harry Hayden (Conductor); Frank Orth (Chef in Diner); Matt McHugh (Cab Driver); Murdock MacQuarrie (Attendant); Forbes Murray (Captain); Edmund Mortimer (Governor & Party Guest); Emory Parnell (Ringmaster); Stuart Hall (Circus Patron); Lillian Randolph (Black Woman); Charles Gemora (Gibraltar); Carl M Leviness (Club Car Train Passenger); Robert Winkler (Young Boy); Fred Walburn (Young Boy); Larry Steers (Party Guest); James Conaty (Party Guest); James Carlisle (Party Guest).

Released in the United States October 20, 1939.
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